Route One Apparel launches Old Bay-themed line

Route One Apparel teamed up with McCormick & Co. to launch a line of Old Bay-themed items.
Route One Apparel teamed up with McCormick & Co. to launch a line of Old Bay-themed items.(Courtesy of Route One Apparel)

Route One Apparel, the local maker of Maryland flag-themed clothing and accessories, said Monday it is teaming up with spicemaker McCormick & Co. to launch a new line featuring another state icon: Old Bay.

The company launched a new line of products on Monday featuring the Old Bay logo and its bold blue and yellow colors.


Route One Apparel founder and CEO Ali von Paris said she worked on a deal with McCormick, Old Bay's parent company, for more than a year pursuing licensing rights for Old Bay's logo.

"I see what we do as, you know, holistic Maryland pride, and Old Bay just seems like a natural addition to our line," she said. "I knew that having Old Bay products for a while would be a great addition, and it took a little bit for them to take us seriously."

McCormick did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday.

Ali von Paris, CEO and founder of Route One Apparel, has managed to build a considerable following making clothes and wearable

Route One Apparel is offering more than 15 Old Bay-themed items, from shirts and leggings to ties and luggage tags.

"They're really loud," Von Paris said of the designs. "I always like to make things that are loud first and then tone it down as the product category gets bigger."

Von Paris said the company plans to add 60 new products to the Old Bay line before Christmas.

Route One Apparel is raising money for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort by selling stickers and T-shirts.

In addition to Old Bay and Maryland flag motifs, Route One apparel sells items featuring Natty Boh and University of Maryland imagery.

Route One Apparel also takes design suggestions from customers, and if the company ends up using the design, the person who submitted it will receive the item for free.