Samplings at the Macy's Lounge.
Samplings at the Macy's Lounge. (Hilary Phelps / For The Baltimore Sun)

Macy's secured a suite - aptly named the Macy's Lounge - inside the Empire Hotel as a place for fashionistas to relax between the fashions shows held in Lincoln Center. Situated directly across the street, it was easy to pop in for a quick snack or a suitable place to wind down for a few moments. Upon entering the suite, visitors could take a seat on the lush couches in the center room or enter one of the rooms off to either side.

On one side was a room that held pieces from Nicole Richie's capsule collection, which she designed for the retailer. The pieces are wearable and stylish, with leather sleeves on shirts and spikes on blazers. The bohemian style that Richie is well known for wearing was felt heavily in the collection, but created in a way that was wearable for all. Pieces range in price from $49.99 to $149.99 and are available now at the flagship Herald Square store, which by the way, continues it's major $400 million top-to-bottom four floor renovation. Check local Macy's retailers to find the collection near you.

On the other side were shoes, beautiful shoes! Macy's Herald Square boasts the largest shoe department in the world, at 39,000 square feet. On display today were Coach, Truth or Dare by Madonna, Calvin Klein and INC, Macy's in-house design.

A great place to network with bloggers, journalists and fashion insiders, the suite supplied Fiji water, Starbucks coffee and an assortment of fruit for attendees. One girl looked up from the food with a grateful grin, saying "I'm happy this is available, as I forgot to eat today!"

C'est la vie, of a Fashion Week attendee!

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