Late Monday night, I was standing in M&T Bank Stadium with my family, celebrating the Ravens' win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Less than 24 hours later, I found myself sitting in Lincoln Center for the second half of New York City Fashion Week. It's been quite the long, but fun, day!

Operating on approximately four hours of sleep, I boarded the early train out of Baltimore's Penn Station and headed to New York with my coffee and itinerary in hand.  The train ride to New York City is easy, and I was joined by others headed for the Big Apple; laptops were brought out and early conference calls were taken. When we hit New York, I was off and running.  I had traveled in what I planned to wear for the day -- dark jeans and a zip-up jacket that would get changed out for a slim fit blazer. I knew that I would be on my feet and walking a good portion of the day, so I opted for flats over the heels, and by day's end, I was very happy with my decision. 

I hopped on the subway from New York's Penn Station, dropped my bags at the hotel and headed uptown to 66th and Broadway, Lincoln Center. On any given day, there can be upwards of 12 shows produced on site here, with at least a dozen more taking place in a designer's show room or another venue, such as Milk Studios. 

Lincoln Center wasn't the end point, the show was, which meant that after I arrived, I would wait in line until the start of the show, in this case Jenny Packham. Note: It's rare that fashion shows start on the time listed in the program. With high energy and great music, the shows are fun and fabulous, but unless you are buying clothes for a department store or boutique, or are an editor of a fashion magazine, you're doing a significant amount of standing. Again, flats are key!

Tuesday, I saw Jenny Packham and Naeem Khan's collections, both of which were exquisite and elegant.  There were sequins and embellishments in both, as well as neat hairstyles.

Jenny Packham opened her show with a sequined suit and showed textures and detailing throughout the entire collection. She captured the retro styles of Lauren Bacall and Angie Dickinson, using the Rat Pack as inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2013 line.  Monochromatic pieces, silk chiffon, capped sleeved and cinched waists were seen in soft colors of orange, yellow, lilac and blue. 

Naeem Khan's collection was ladylike, with inspiration drawn from the natural elements of the sun, water and flowers.  Khan also showed embellishment, through sequins and beading on his pants and dresses, shown in cocktail length and longer. This ready-to-wear collection had pieces for a day on the water or dresses suitable for a black-tie event, but every piece was wearable and beautiful.

Upon conclusion of these shows, I hopped the subway back downtown to grab my luggage and check into my room. Since I had arrived in the city so early, my room wasn't quite ready, so I stored my luggage with the concierge. After the shows, it was time to clean up and head to dinner, which was with a handbag designer from Maryland. The nights are late and the mornings come early, but it's a great time to be in New York City!

Hilary Phelps is a lifestyles analyst and the creative director of Genuine Joy. Reach her on Twitter and Facebook. Get more Fashion Week updates from her here.