Glimpsed at The Preakness: Heidi and Keith Silberg

Preakness is a time to go over the top - and back in time -- for Heidi and Keith Silberg. Heidi Silberg, 33, said her Preakness outfit started almost 200 years ago -- with her 1820's vintage mini-top hat that she found in a shop in St. Augustine, Fla. The model coordinator for the Maryland Academy of Couture Arts says her style is generally "vintage-inspired classic contemporary." So she looked to more recent history for another fashion inspiration -- Audrey Hepburn -- going with a black Tory Burch sheath from C-Mart. She then added a fun Betsy Johnson charm bracelet from Nordstrom, a white Chanel watch, and black peep toe microfiber booties from Payless. The Rodgers Forge resident added her own Preakness touches with yellow flower and crystal horseshoe embellishments on the hat and shoes, and yellow earrings she picked up from a New York street vendor. She dressed up her vintage black wicker clutch with a vintage enameled daffodil pin. "I like to take risks," she says. Husband Keith Silberg, 38, says his wife's outfit meant the bar was set pretty high for him, as her escort. So he donned a white button-down LaCoste shirt with an Hermes tie and Dockers khakis from Nordstrom. Then, he added a 40's and 50's feel with his fun brown and blue Cole Haan saddle shoes from Nordstrom, and a blue "schoolboy" blazer with white piping from H&M. It all adds up to a style, his wife says is""classic that he funks out."
Baltimore Sun photo by Monica Lopossay
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