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Comebacks: Transparent acrylic pieces won't disappear anytime soon

Acrylic decor is making a comeback.

Despite its modern aesthetic, clear acrylic first appeared in furniture, jewelry and accessories during the 1930s. Lucite and Plexiglas later became the most recognized brand names for the material, which was used in military airplane windshields and as a bullet-resistant coating during World War II. After the war, manufacturers marketed acrylic for its durability, and it was embraced by the interior design community throughout the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.

Today, acrylic pieces are sleek and avant-garde when used sparingly, such as in a well-placed console table or living room seating. It has been popping up on inspiration boards, in design magazines and on fashion blogs throughout the last few years, and it feels luxuriously feminine when paired with blush pink tones, shag rugs and a hint of shimmer.

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