Wife of Ravens long snapper posts screed about Michael Sam, infidelity, Hitler

Lauren Cox, the wife of Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox, was not amused by Drake's song about cheating athletes at the ESPYs this week.

Cox wrote a rambling blog post Thursday titled "Drake, take your 'side pieces' and shove it" -- a sharp contrast to her other posts, which usually discuss Bible verses.

It's a little hard to parse Cox's writing, but apparently she was incensed that the event celebrated Michael Sam coming out as the first openly gay current NFL player while Drake's performance made light of athletes' infidelities.

She then moves on to the topic of tolerance, and boy does it tick her off.

"Tolerance by today's definition is the view that all values, beliefs, lifestyles, and truth claims are equal," she writes.

"But if this definition of tolerance can be applied to Michael Sam and Drake's actions on the ESPYS stage, then that must mean that this same tolerance condones Hitler's reasoning for murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people because deep down, he honestly and truthfully believed he was doing this world a favor by eliminating those lives for the betterment of a master race," she continues.

Yes, Cox is equating accepting gay people with accepting Hitler's views.

And she continues by comparing acceptance of gays to the 9/11 terrorists and racism:

"The men that hijacked those planes honestly felt that by doing so, they would be rewarded in the next life, so who are we to impose our Western views on them if everyone's language is truth?"


"If truth is relative, why not support their racism as something acceptable to their own communities even if we personally disagree? Racism to us, but truth to them."


Cox's post, which was first reported by Deadspin, not surprisingly caused a firestorm online.

She posted an apology of sorts Friday. 

"I understand that I have offended some people with the wide range of comparisons I made. My simple point was to convey that infidelity directly affects people's lives and families. It is my belief that adultery is wrong and should not be glorified. It is not a subject to be treated on national television with humor. The original intent of my post was to invoke thought about our society and the fact that we are made to 'tolerate' certain issues that not all find amusing."

Cox did not immediately respond Friday night to a message requesting further comment.






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