In the market for a Chesapeake Bay skipjack? Check Craigslist.

Anything and everything can be sold online these days from cars to boats including Maryland’s gem of the sea, the skipjack.

Skipjacks are boats that leap in and out of the water, very much like fishes in the sea. The owner of what's being called one of the few remaining Chesapeake Bay skipjacks has posted an ad on Craigslist to sell the boat for $10,000.

The skipjack (not the one pictured above) by the name of Ada Fears was formerly known as Lady Agnes in the late 1970s-1980s when it functioned as a wooden oyster dredger.

The ad states that the skipjack is seen as “queen” of the Bay and that there are less than 30 left worldwide, so if cruising alongside fishes in a historic traditional oyster boat is a bucket list wish the boat can be purchased by replying to the ad or calling.

The boat currently sits in harbor at Scott’s Cove Marina in Chance, Md. and seats six passengers.  It is said to be able to function as a tour boat or a dredger once it is reset with the appropriate gear.

Maryland named the skipjack as its state boat in 1985. They were very popular in the late 1950s and were historically used to dredge oysters from the floor of the Chesapeake Bay, however as powerboats became more prevalent, the usage of skipjacks began to diminish. These boats are now more commonly used as tour boats.

The boat’s owner did not immediately respond to an email inquiry Wednesday.

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