Marylanders perplexed by Twitter, fascinated by the Hoff

It will surprise absolutely no one that Marylanders are obsessed with crabs. 

We eat crab chips, drink crab beer and hand our children crab-flavored milk (ok, I made up that last one).

But did you know that we are also particularly interested in kickball, the Skate or Die video game and David Hasselhoff?  Any that many Marylanders find themselves wondering "What is Twitter?"

These are among the topics most frequently Googled by Maryland residents, according to a report from Estately, a real estate site.

The site looked at which terms residents of each state searched for more often than residents of other states. 

Other top searches for Maryland include "House of Cards" -- no surprise since it is filmed here -- and "National Football League" -- again, not a surprise since we're pretty great at football. 

So why are we so interested in the Hoff?  

Although you might assume the Baywatch star emerged from the sea fully-formed, he was actually born in Baltimore in 1952. 

Also, here's another reason to be glad you don't live in West Virginia: Among their top-searched topics are scabies, infected piercings and vampires. 



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