47 percent of Marylanders would like to leave the state

Maryland, it's not the land of pleasant living any more.  

At least not according to nearly half the state's population. 

About 47 percent of Marylanders would like to move out of state, according to a recent Gallup poll

The Free State came just behind Illinois and Connecticut as a state that had the largest population of residents looking to flee. 

In contrast, less than a quarter of the residents of Montana, Hawaii (well, duh) and Maine wanted to leave their state. 

Nationwide, a third of people hoped to move out of state, according to the poll. 

But a report at the wonklicious web site Vox suggests that few will actually move. Only 6 percent of people across the country said they were very likely or extremely likely to pack up in the next year. 

The percentage of people moving out of state has dropped to about 1.5 percent over the past two decades, Vox reports. 

So why do people want to leave Maryland?

It just might be the taxes, Gallup says. Another recent Gallup poll shows that 67 percent of Marylanders think state taxes are too high.  

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