Duff Goldman bakes the cakes for Katy Perry's 'Birthday' video

"Ace of Cakes" star Duff Goldman whipped up an array of rainbow-colored cakes for Katy Perry's new "Birthday" video.

The founder of Charm City Cakes made confections shaped as a cat, a suit (a "birthday suit"), a Rubik's cube, a hamburger and a gift, among others, for the pop singer's video, according to People

Perry plays a baker in the video, placing cakes on pedestals, spelling out words with candies.

The lyrics to the song are written out on icing or with other sweets throughout the video.  That took a lot of close collaboration between the producers and the staff of Cakemix, Goldman's Los Angeles bakery.

“The Cakemix staff was working with the producer and director, who would say, ‘We need this lyric written out in frosting,’ or, ‘Can we get this done with food coloring?,'" Goldman told People.  "It was a really intense affair, putting it all together, but really cool — it made us feel like a part of what they were doing.”

You can watch the full video in all of it's treacly glory above.  But, and don't say I didn't warn you, you might feel the need to go to the dentist afterward.