Former Senator owner isn't leaving town, giving up his stuff

The former owner of the Senator theater said Friday that he is not leaving town and giving away his worldly possessions.

A "Curb Alert" ad was posted under Tom Kiefaber's name Thursday on Craig's List. It was republished Thursday to the social news and entertainment website Reddit, and offered seats, light fixtures, projector equipment and movie memorabilia, all for free.

"[G]ood ol' Kiefaber is leaving town for good," the ad said.

Kiefaber said the ad was not his doing, and he's not moving.

"I love Baltimore," Kiefaber said. "I have no intention to leave town."

Kiefaber said he believes the Craig's List ad to be the latest in a years-long pattern of online harassment by an individual, or individuals, that he is determined to identify.

Kiefaber said he has notified law enforcement about the harassment.

"We're hoping that this latest outrage, which was extraordinarily disruptive, will help reveal who he is," he said.


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