Michelle Obama attends concert at Rams Head in Annapolis

Sometimes, girlfriends just wanna listen to jazz.

First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Sharon Malone, wife of Attorney General Eric Holder, caught Sunday night’s first show of contemporary jazz singer Rachelle Ferrell at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis.

The women – Malone has been to the Rams Head several times before – were joined by two other women and shared a bottle of white wine while listening to the performance.

Zach Price, general manager for Rams Head On Stage, said he was rushing around, making his usual pre-show preparations, when he was told someone wanted to consult him about security for a VIP guest.

"He identified himself as Secret Service and we did a walk through and I showed him the exits," said Price. "I referenced that Eric Holder’s wife had been here before and he said this was going to be much bigger deal."

"I never thought it would be the first lady," said Price, who was too busy to ask who the security measures were for. 

"After she arrived, I thought, 'Oh wow,'" said Price. "The guests who came in after had to go through a metal detector wand, but I don’t think very many of them knew who was here. I only saw a couple of [camera] flashes before the show started."

After the two-hour show, Price said, Mrs. Obama and her party were out of the West Street club and into their motorcade "in less than 15 seconds."

But the first lady had a member of her advance team go to the dressing rooms and tell Ferrell and her band how much she had enjoyed the show.

Monday, the Rams Head was all abuzz. "Totally cool," said one staff member. "I mean, isn’t it?"

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