Looking Out: Trans activist says she was arrested in Sochi

Vladimir Luxuria, Europe's first openly transgender parliamentarian, was reportedly detained twice in Sochi this week for supporting LGBT rights at the Winter Olympics.

Luxuria, a former Communist member of parliament in Italy, was stopped by four men after donning rainbow-colored garb and yelling "It's OK to be gay" outside the Olympic hockey stadium, according to the Associated Press

The men reportedly escorted her to a car, stripped her of her Olympics pass and dropped her off in the Russian countryside.

Luxuria also told The Independent she was arrested by Russian police Sunday for holding up a banner with the phrase "Gay is OK" written on it in Russian. Olympic organizers and police said they had no record of that arrest.

Protests in Sochi have been banned by Russian authorities during the Olympics, outside of those staged in a designated zone located about 10 miles away from Sochi's Olympic Park. But few major demonstrations appear to have been held there thus far.

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