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Person wearing horse head walks through WBAL snow shot

UPDATE: We here at the Baltimore Insider Very Important News Desk have interviewed a man who purports to be the Headed Horseman of Ellicott City. 


There you are, watching the snow coverage on WBAL, and all of a sudden behind reporter Kate Amara, what walks by? A half-man, half-horse!

No, you weren't hallucinating from eating too much Taco Bell.  

A person wearing a horse mask did walk behind Amara as she reported on the snow. (And a sidenote to Deadspin, which first reported on the videobombing: Amara is a fantastic reporter. You try livening up hours of coverage of falling snow. After three hours out in the cold, you'd be experimenting with the melting point of Popsicles, too.)

David Franklin Perry, the owner of a Hanover auto detailing shop, claims that he was the person in the horse head. 

Perry, 29, says that he had closed his shop early yesterday due to the snow and was heading to his home in Ellicott City when he saw WBAL filming. He went home to grab his horse mask and came back. 

Why does he have a horse mask?

"I bought it a couple years ago for no reason at all... I just thought it would be funny to have for occasions such as this," Perry said in a Facebook message. 

Perry said the WBAL crew didn't say anything to him and he just walked through, got back in his truck and drove away. 

So why did he do it?

"I was bored," Perry said. 

He's had fun with the horse mask before. 

"I brought it along last year when some friends and I went snow tubing and turned a lot of heads," he said. Photos on Perry's Facebook page show him hanging out in the mask at a ski lodge and on a porch. 

When news of the videobombing spread this morning, several of Perry's friends wondered if he was the culprit, he said.

He says he was not, however, the person wearing a horse mask who jogged through a Washington station's report on Hurricane Sandy.


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