Looking Out: Poll finds overwhelming support for LGBT employment nondiscrimination law

Due to the government shutdown, progress on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) -- which would ban discrimination in hiring based on gender identity or sexual orientation -- has stalled. But when things get back to normal in Washington, LGBT rights advocates seeking to get the act passed by the end of the year now have numbers on their side.

A poll conducted by a former Mitt Romney data guy Alex Lundry and released Monday by Politico shows a firm majority of Americans support a federal law that would protect LGBT employees in their workplaces. And, in fact, eight out of 10 voters surveyed said they thought federal non-discrimination protections in employment already existed.

Of registered voters surveyed, 68 percent support federal non-discrimination protections for LGBT workers compared to just 21 percent who oppose. The perceived need for a federal anti-discrimination law also crosses party lines, with 56 percent of Republicans surveyed supporting it compared to only 32 percent who oppose.

Likely more encouraging for LGBT advocacy groups is the overwhelming majority that agreed with the statement "Everyone has a right to earn a living -– including gay, lesbian and transgender Americans -- and workers should be judged on the job they do –- nothing more, nothing less." Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed backed those words, which mirror the point often argued by supporters of ENDA. 

Support for protections against anti-LGBT discrimination appear to exist widely on the state level as well. Through statistical analysis of poll data, Lundry's team found majority support for ENDA in all 50 states. And the most supportive state? Well, that would be Maryland.

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