Stacy Keibler promotes high-end porta-potties. No, really.

Cheerleader-turned-wrestler-turned-reality-show-host Stacy Keibler and high-end porta-potties? Now there's a connection we didn't see coming.

At Thursday night's NFL opener in Denver -- you know, the one with the Super Bowl champion Ravens that's not being played in Baltimore -- Charmin bathroom tissue will be unveiling (and Keibler's rep confirmed this) a line of upscale portable restrooms, designed to give tailgaters at Mile-High Stadium and elsewhere "a clean comfortable experience."

The Rosedale native will be on hand to launch what a news release calls "a better bathroom experience."

Tagged the "Charmin Relief Project" (again, their words, not ours), the 20 "clean and fresh-smelling portable restrooms" come complete with attendants.

The high-end potties will be appearing at "select" NFL games this season, "then continue beyond football and tailgating season to surprise and delight consumers throughout the year."

We suspect former boyfriend George Clooney, were he still in the picture, would not approve.




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