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Jon Stewart salutes Baltimore as that other 'crab capital'

Don't let it be said that Baltimore isn't at the forefront of the environmental protection movement. 

According to "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Charm City is almost single-handedly helping to save a certain species from extinction. 

Unfortunately, it isn't the polar bear. It's the, ahem, crab. And, no, not that crab.        

Thanks to Brazilian waxes and similar trends, the ecosystem of pubic lice is endangered, the show's Jessica Williams reports.

Except, she says, for one place where "the species is still flourishing in one of America's last pristine ecosystems, the pubic lice paradise known as Baltimore."

"In Baltimore we haven't seen much of a decrease," a doctor deadpans. "We get a lot of John Waters types."

At that point John Waters himself pops in to say, "What's he mean, John Waters type? Psht."

Waters goes on to tell Williams that he's a bit nostalgic for the good old crab days.

"Twenty, thirty years ago everybody had crabs," he says. "I don't hear about any young person having crabs today. It's over."

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