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Lance Armstrong an argument for book burning

Lance Armstrong's well-orchestrated apology tour has brought back a bad memory: all the wasted hours I spent reading his book, "It's Not About the Bike." I was one of many readers captivated by his dramatic tale: hot-headed young rider gets felled by testicular cancer, and battles back -- against disease and doubters -- to win the Tour de France. It made me a huge fan of Armstrong and the grueling race that takes cyclists around France. 

But in light of the overwhelming evidence that Armstrong was not clean when he won the tour a record seven times (and seven straight), I would be happy to toss my Armstrong book into a bonfire. And I'm sure many other readers feel the same way.

Oprah discussed the interview, which will be aired in two parts beginning tonight. in general terms on the CBS This Morning show, but did not disclose specifics about any admissions by Armstrong. According to other news reports, he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in races. Some reports, including those in the Wall Street Journal, said he might be able to lessen his lifetime ban on competition by testifying against higher-ups.

Needless to say, I'm reluctant to waste more hours on Armstrong, no matter how compelling Oprah's interview is. It would only serve to remind me how I was snookered into reading -- and heartily recommending -- his book. I hope she asked Armstrong whether he will refund the money to anyone who bought it.

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