USA Today dresses down Michael Phelps' fashion

Michael Phelps is playing some serious poker in the Bahamas with the likes of Jason Alexander.

But cards, shmards. At least one reporter is more interested in nominating the swimmer/golfer/card shark/retiree for the next episode of "What Not to Wear."

Chris Chase of USA Today offered quite the post-game analysis of Phelps' wardrobe  in a Thursday blog post:

"Let's analyze the look Phelps is sporting in the Caribbean," he writes. "It's a style that screams, 'I'm retired and the only time I'm setting foot in a pool is if there's a swim-up bar attached to it.'"

It actually also seems to scream, "I'm comfortable and wearing a lot of stuff I probably got for free." But anyway, USA Today is just getting started.

"Phelps has the back-skewed hat of Justin Bieber, the hipster spectacles of an NBA player who's trying too hard, the goatee of a guy in a bar who propositions your wife while you're in the bathroom and a jacket," they continue, "well, the jacket looks fine. Is that Under Armour?"

At least they liked something!

Check out the post here.

And follow Phelps' poker (and apparently fashion) exploits on Poker News.

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