Michael Phelps surprises pal at World Poker Tour

Michael Phelps surprised his best friend and roommate earlier this week by dropping into his poker match in Montreal.

"Pumped for the kid today!!" Phelps Tweeted when he arrived at the World Poker Tour competition to support Jeff Gross. "Just surprised him for the final 6 of the #wptmontreal."

Phelps later said in an interview with WPT.com that he had to be there for his buddy. "Gotta support the kid," he told WPT. "Jeff has been my best friend for a long time. I know how excited he is about tonight. I couldn't miss it."

Wearing trendy geek glasses, a hoodie and a knit cap, Phelps played some cards before Gross' turn at the table. While his friend played, Phelps stood at the rails with another pro poker player Antonio Esfandiari and yelled encouragement. He also posed for pictures with some of the poker babes in sequined dresses at the tourney.

The winner was 25-year-old Jonathan Roy from Quebec -- a guy who was thrilled to meet Phelps after winning, telling WPT, "It was unbelievable to have Michael Phelps on the rail. I got to win the title and shake him by the hand."

Gross ended up winning third place and taking home $317,000.

"Man the kid!!!" Phelps Tweeted. "Can't be more happy for what @Jgross5 did!! Proud of u man!!!!"

Watch a video on YouTube where Phelps (and others) cheer on Gross.


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