'Dexter' recap, 'Helter Skelter'

Where can a serial killer feel safe?

While that isn't a question I would normally ask, seeing as serial killers such as Dexter have proven themselves capable of handling any surprises that come their way, the question arises tonight.

Out comes Dexter's more sensitive side, or you could say, his human side.

And who would have thought that Hannah, a fellow serial killer, would bring it out. She is kidnapped by Isaac, looking to extract a favor out of Dexter before either of them wins their deadly battle.

The Ukrainian mob, tiring of Isaac's obsession with Dexter, sends two hitmen to kill him. Turns out the enemy of my enemy is still the enemy though, as Dexter goes after the two hitmen in exchange for Hannah's life.

After killing the first hitman at a very public gun range with zero plastic wrapping, Dexter goes to Isaac for proof that Hannah is still alive. Snapping a picture while they are video chatting (oh technology, I hope one day you'll be able to save my life as easily), Dexter tracks down the locale where Hannah is stashed.

Dexter is interrupted by his day job. An arsonist has been at work in Miami. While the first attack just seemed like self-incineration, the second establishes a pattern. The arson investigator's explanation of how the second man died was creepier than Dexter has ever been.

Dexter also takes the moment to confront Deb about her declaration of love, saying he understands because love is endurance. Maybe if it was an endurance contest of eating delicious chocolate, but certainly not a running a marathon. Regardless, Dexter needs to work on his smoothness or Hannah will walk away laughing too.

Meanwhile, Quinn, who had been ignoring George's calls, stops by the club to check on Nadia. It is then that he learns of the consequence to his earlier rude behavior toward George. Nadia was forced to sleep with him, although George says that falls under her job description.

Very appropriately, Quinn immediately punches him. Of questionable reasonableness is Quinn's decision to continue to beat on George and then leave the club with Nadia, hopefully for good.

Dexter had been followed from the second arson scene by the second hitman, and under instructions from Isaac, Dexter leads the assassin toward the port. Isaac shoots the second assassin. 

Strangely enough, Isaac and Dexter, after both tossing their weapons overboard, seem to come to a sort of peace. Dexter really must be destined to be alone, however, as Isaac is shot not a minute later by George, who randomly shows up badly beaten.

I would have gone for a bag of frozen peas or a bowl of chocolate ice cream after losing a fight so badly, but obviously that was incentive to George to finally win one.

Isaac's wound is fatal, but Dexter takes him out on his boat to the spot where he dumped Viktor overboard, to really what got them to the point they are now.

Isaac, in a no-longer-surprising show of depth, pushes Dexter to be honest about his feelings for Hannah. Obviously, with death, things become clearer. But Dexter is surrounded by death and is still muddling through life.

Unaware of Dexter's blossoming friendship with Isaac and his completion of Isaac's requests, Hannah attempts to gain her freedom. She cleverly feeds Isaac's bodyguard fried green tomatoes with an extra helping of pepper (because what other use for fried green tomatoes is there?). But in the ensuing fight, Hannah kills her captor, but not before he stabs her in the stomach.

As fate would have it (or the very clever episode writers), Deb is the one that comes to Hannah's rescue. After following up on leads Dexter had given her, she finds Hannah bloody and unconscious. Although it is clear Deb wants to walk away, she does her duty and calls for an ambulance.

Not willing to let Hannah off completely free, Deb confronts Hannah in the hospital. Deb insists that she knows about Hannah's past, but also that her decision to save Hannah indicates Deb's loyalty to herself, and not to Dexter. Although I'm interested in how far this "loyalty" will extend and how much of her relationship with Dexter she will throw away under the guise of becoming true with herself.

In the background, LaGuerta meets with the former Captain, Tom, about information on the Bay Harbor Butcher. He responds that he'll help her with her list of potential suspects in return for her support for his reinstatement. He insists that he needs the pension bump to pay for his boat, but with his record, it's more likely prostitutes, so I really wouldn't mind if LaGuerta screwed him over on this exchange.

After what seems like a record amount of blood in this episode (four bloody deaths, two burned bodies, and Hannah's almost death) the episode closes after an intense conversation between Hannah and Dexter. Dexter finally tells her how he really feels, that she is where he feels safe, and doesn't that just say it all. 

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