Life of Pi movie reviews

This holiday season may be the greatest ever for book adaptations, and this week, we have a visual stunner: "Life of Pi," Ang Lee's take on the best-selling Yann Martel novel.

Among the other big adaptations is "Lincoln," the Steven Spielberg movie that was inspired by Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals," and that has already become an Academy Award favorite.  The season's bounty also includes "The Hobbit," "Les Miserables" and "Anna Karenina" and, for Twilight fans, "Breaking Dawn, Part 2."

Here are excerpts from some reviews of "The Life of Pi," a spiritual journey involving a ship-wrecked boy:

-- Tribune: I admire the film a great deal, which isn't the same as falling for it hook, line and sinker. The young actor playing the teenage Pi, Suraj Sharma, is perfectly fine, but an hour or two after seeing "Life of Pi" his performance was already lost in the waves of the film's other, more obviously formidable selling points.

-- New York Times: It unfolds in a setting that is one of the great achievements of digital cinema, and a reminder that the eclectic Mr. Lee is, among other things, an exuberant and inventive visual artist.

-- Washington Post: Like a lyrical, extravagantly hued children’s pop-up book, “Life of Pi” both draws the audience in and encourages it to settle back, the better to enjoy its virtually nonstop display of daring, wonder and cinematic virtuosity. If the story goes “poof” almost as soon as the covers close, that’s probably due to the depth of the source material rather than the movie itself.

-- Salon: “Life of Pi” is doubtless one of the biggest films of the last several years in terms of cost, ambition and visual imagination, and will obviously play a role in the year’s Oscar race. ...  Personally, though, I wanted out of that damn lifeboat long before the tiger and his companion reached their final destination. I felt like I’d been invited to a seven-course dinner, and all seven turned out to be cake – and then the host insisted on delivering a lecture about how cake would bring me closer to God.

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