Big Ten expansion is bad for drama fans

There's one huge problem with the University of Maryland's decision to move to the Big Ten athletic conference: Who replaces Duke as the team that Terps fans love to hate?

Some great drama is being lost with Maryland bolting the ACC. Future basketball seasons will be like reading "Romeo and Juliet" without the Montagues. Or watching "Star Wars" without Darth Vader. 

No author would have dreamed up such a move -- taking the great villain out of a compelling story. It figures that the plan was dreamed up by university administrators seeking financial gain.

Some of my Facebook friends have suggested that Ohio State or Michigan can wear Duke's dark mantle, but those schools don't seem carry the same swagger. And they certainly don't have the same history of combat with Maryland. Other Big Ten schools -- Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska -- bring to mind an image of admirable earnestness.

Never thought I would say it, but I'll miss the Dookies.


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