'Dexter' recap, 'Argentina'

Argentina -- the place where Hannah was supposed to escape to after Wayne's killing spree. According to her, it represented a "nice, happy home." But it's also the elusive place Dexter has come to realize everyone has but no one actually gets to.

Proof is in tonight's downward spiral. At first, everything is dandy. Hannah and Dexter share a lovely morning and make breakfast together, sharing heavy murder jokes as they dice the vegetables.

Hannah takes a moment to ask if their situation is crazy, after she finds out the extra wrinkle that Deb is Dexter's sister (which means Hannah probably can't dispose of Deb as she did the reporter).

Of course this isn't crazy! After all, "I always eat breakfast; it's important," Dexter responds. I must say, I rather enjoy their witty and innuendo filled conversations. Who knows, Dexter may not need to kill as often if he has Hannah appeasing his Dark Passenger.

Dexter returns to Deb, however, to address her comment the previous night about Dexter killing Hannah. The only slaying Dexter did was of some calories in his extracurricular activities with Hannah. While Deb pushes Dexter of Hannah's guilt, Dexter pushes back, knowing exactly which sensitive topics she was vulnerable to.

Meanwhile Isaak evades the police's watch dogs in order to hunt down Dexter. He catches him as Dexter is purchasing donuts, opening gunfire onto the shop. But let's focus on the significant details of tonight.

The donuts are back! Though for the moment they are only to appease Deb. But I'll take what I can get. And the donuts even save Dexter's life. Well, the dropped key does, but it's all part of the donuts' magic.

Aster, Cody, and Harrison come back from Orlando, because their grandfather is having surgery, to stay with Dexter. But after the donut shop incident, Deb volunteers for them to stay with her. It wouldn't do to lose a child on top of everything else going on.

But there's nothing to fear, as George, previously working for Isaak, calls the Brotherhood behind Isaak's back to obtain permission to "realign" the organization. This leads for there to be an interruption when Dexter breaks into Isaak's apartment to kill him -- there is already a man there to do just that. Dexter is forced to kill him in self defense, but it wasn't like he would go "half-sies" if asked.

Back in the land of the non-killers, Deb thanks Dexter for not killing Hannah, believing that he refused to do it for her benefit. Too bad he immediately goes to Hannah's house. Strangely enough, Hannah offers him some useful advice about how to solve his Isaak problem. Before getting real useful in the bedroom.

Quinn promises Nadia that he won't take any more jobs for Isaak or the Brotherhood. George threatens to expose Quinn's past elicit activities. They bicker back and forth but Quinn's fate has already been sealed. The only question is who he'll bring down with him when he goes.

Isaak discovers the body that Dexter left in his apartment, and promptly calls the police.

Dexter analyzes the blood spatter of the scene, much to the delight of Isaak. Oh how I wish they could be friends, and, say, share a donut?

Dexter then goes to the beach to visit the kids, but Hannah crashes the party when she needs something from her car (that she generously lent to Dexter). Hannah finds out about his kids, but isn't scared away by them. Nor does she try to kill them, which is the other possibility for why Dexter may not have told her about them.

Sadly, while Dexter is at Deb's house, he lets slip that he's friends with Hannah. And then that he is sleeping with her. But Deb crosses the line by mocking Dexter's fledgling relationship with Hannah. And then Deb slips up worse, telling Dexter that she was in love with him. 

Awkward conversation ensues. Dexter is speechless, but honestly what did Deb expect? Dexter is horrible at social interactions and normal human behaviors, let alone extremely stressful and unusual ones such as that.

Of course, after the stressful situation, Dexter needs a kill. He pursues Isaak, who is followed by the police, into a gay bar. Isaak insists that he and Viktor were lovers, which is odd because I would have guessed that they were blood relatives. Isaak and Dexter proceed to have a deep, conflicted conversation about love. Dexter attempts to convince Isaak to drop his consuming hunt but to no avail.

The night ends with a sort of sad desperation, as if lives are heading for a collision and they've already accepted it.

Quinn is briefly seen guarding the drug transfer for George. LaGuerta is seen standing before Dexter's boat. Dexter walks tenderly into the waiting arms of Hannah. Each seem headed on a path they know will bring pain and suffering, but are helpless to stop in search of each of their own Argentinas.

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