'Real Housewives of Miami' recap, A Bitter or Better Place

As always, the women are all in a fight with one another, so, Alexia invites all of the ladies over to discuss their issues. The goal is to get the problems out in the open and resolve them so they can move on ... yeah, I don't see this working out either.

Marysol begins the discussion by telling Karent that she was offended by the interview she gave to a celebrity blogger that didn't shine the best light on the women. Ana says that at the root of every problem is Karent. Lisa and Joanna come to the defense of Karent. But it does seem that Karent is the common denominator.

Let's recap some of the fights she has started: Physical fight between Adriana and Joanna, the fight between Joanna and Joe Francis, she got in a fight with Adriana for beating her to the tweet, she was asked to leave a party after she got in a fight with Alexis...I'm sure there are more fights she initiated that I can't remember.

Then the discussion--oh who am I kidding... Then the fight, shifts to the physical fight between Adriana and Joanna. Meanwhile, Karent is sitting quietly smiling while Joanna once again fights her battle.  Being Karent's friend seems to require a lot of time spent in the line of fire.

Surprisingly, Adriana and Joanna shake hands and say they will let it go and move on. But I'm not convinced.

Joanna invites Karent, Lisa and Roman to her celebrity beach volleyball tournament. But it looks like Roman is going to be a no show.  He is still mad at Joanna for how she behaved toward Adriana at Lisa's charity event and they haven't spoken in over a week. But just when it seems that all hope is lost, Roman shows up to discuss Joanna's behavior.

Joanna and Roman head down to the beach to talk about their relationship.  Roman says that if  their relationship is going to work, Joanna has to stop drinking when they go out. Not a bad suggestion considering her split personality when she drinks.  And instead of overreacting, Joanna completely admits she has a problem and agrees to Roman's terms.

Ana struggles to pack up the office she has shared with her soon-to-be ex-husband for the past 20 years. But if she can get past this, hopefully she can finally go through with the divorce. I'm not sure why she is holding onto the marriage anyway? She has a boyfriend, her ex has a girlfriend, they all get along. Let it go, Ana.  Move on.

Lisa opens up to Karent about her struggle to conceive. After several attempts and miscarriages, Lisa is starting to get very discouraged about getting pregnant. Surprisingly, Karent is very sweet and gives advice that is not self-centered.  Where did this Karent come from? Lisa seems to appreciate Karent's advice and takes her compassion to heart.

In last week's episode we watched as Lea's dog was rushed to the animal hospital pre-gala, and unfortunately the dog isn't going to make it. As a dog lover I can completely sympathize with Lea, and I'm sorry for her loss.  The 13-year-old dog, named Leroy was a part of her family. And Lea says she can't deal with losing another animal and doesn't want another dog again. Her maid, Frederica, is helping her plan a ceremony in remembrance of the dog.

Lisa and her husband, the Boob God, begin the plastic surgery planning process with housekeeper Daisy. Shockingly, Daisy has already had a bunch of cosmetic surgeries. But free plastic surgery is free plastic surgery, so I guess Daisy figures 'what's a couple more?'

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