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Ellicott City native Danielle DiFerdinando to appear on 'The Price Is Right'

Danielle DiFerdinando, the successful handbag maker responsible for the popular Danielle Nicole line, will appear Tuesday morning on The Price Is Right with host Drew Carey, she said Monday. The pair will present tic-tac-toe, and the winner will walk away with 52 handbags personally designed and selected by DiFerdinando.

The stash includes totes, satchels, crossbodys, clutches, and iPhone and iPad accessories.

DiFerdinando, who taped the segment in June, said that being at CBS Studios in Los Angeles was surreal.

"Watching the show as a child and into my teens, it was dreamlike being on the set of such an American classic TV show," said DeFerdinando, whose celebrity fans include Oprah, Rachel Zoe and Rachel Bilson. "Behind the scenes and being backstage was so fun. All the different Price Is Right games are housed at the studio, along with The Big Wheel, which I got to spin after taping."

DiFerdinando said she had a blast working backstage with the CBS crew. She also got a kick out of Carey and announcer George Gray practicing the pronunciation of her last name prior to the show.

"It was definitely entertaining," she said. "All the bright colors, lights and energy of the show really fueled me, it was so moving."

Watch Danielle DiFerdinando on The Price Is Right Tuesday at 11 a.m. on CBS.

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