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'Survivor Philippines' recap, Episode 8, Dead man walking

Back from Tribal Council, Jonathan is feeling a little betrayed, which is justified. Jeff is also realizing that he's not in the strongest position with Tangdang.

Mike councils Jonathan to not freak out, and to wait for a crack in Tangdang. And with all of Abbi's Crazy, it's going to happen sooner or later.

Lisa, Jonathan, and Abbi go fishing. In a confessional, Lisa reveals her plan to get rid of the remaining returning players, Jonathan and Mike, and then get rid of "the people no one likes," also known as Artis, Pete, and Abbi. Can't argue with her plan. Hope it works out for her. And as Jeff says, since Abbi, Pete, and Artis think they're running the game, it will be fun to pick them off.

We're wasting no time in this episode, and it's Reward Challenge time! This challenge involves swimming, digging, and, of course, a puzzle at the end. Reward is a feast of BBQ ribs, cornbread, and salad. Survivors are broken into two teams, with Malcolm, Denise, Jonathan, Lisa, and Jeff on the yellow team, with Abbi, Artis, Pete, Mike, and Carter on the blue team.

Abbi is actually competing in a challenge, go figure. The yellow team outmatches the blue team with the exception of Lisa, who falls behind on her swimming leg. Lucky for yellow, Denise is next and awesome, plus Mike totally screws up releasing his fishing trap.

The teams are almost evenly matched going into the puzzle part, which is a fairly simple eight-piece banner. Unfortunately for the blue team, Jonathan and Jeff awe awesome at it, and yellow wins.

It's sad time for the blue team back at camp eating beans and rice. Abbi is a little rude, openly talking about her alliance right in front of Mike, who is not a part of it. Pete is starting to worry about her big mouth, and also getting annoyed with her paranoia. However, because she is so unlikeable, he recognizes that she's the perfect person to take to the final two.

Things are much happier with the blue team, and the ribs do indeed look delicious. Consensus is that no one likes Abbi, Artis, and Pete. Jonathan is going to see an opening here. And he does. He points out that he may be on the chopping block, but at least he's likeable. He's going in a very non-threatening direction, and it may work for him. I'd certainly like to see him outlast Cranky, Crazy, and Sneaky (Artis, Abbi, and Pete).

Wow, Lisa has certainly turned her game on. Far cry from the lady who was crying at the beginning of the game. Now she's saying she'll stick with Tangdang because she'd do well with them at the end. She also wants to stick with Mike, and tells him about Malcolm's Immunity Idol. She's probably realized that she's going to come a distant third in a final three with Malcolm and Denise.

Everything will come down to who gets immunity, so it's Immunity Challenge time. First, there's an obstacle course, collecting puzzle pieces, and then only three people move on to the end to complete the puzzle. Pete, Jeff, and Jonathan make it, with Mike a very close fourth.

Jonathan gets out to a slow start with the puzzle, and looks like he's out of it, but he pulls from behind and manages to win Immunity. And now everybody will be sent scrambling trying to figure out who will be going home now.

And, as predicted, everyone is thrown for a loop. Abbi, Malcolm, Pete, Artis, and Lisa agree that Mike will go home now, but we just saw her tell Mike she would keep him. Jeff also concurs about sending Mike home.

And now Lisa is telling Pete about Malcolm's Immunity Idol. You know, for someone who prides themselves on trustworthiness, she’s been breaking her promise to Malcolm all over the place. She's obviously made the real life/Survivor game distinction when it comes to promises, which I'm okay with, but may bite her in the butt with the other players later on.

Pete confronts Malcolm about the Immunity Idol, and Malcolm panics and lies. Everyone tells Malcolm that Jeff is the one going home, so we'll have to see. Everybody is lying their faces off at this point, so it's anybody's guess who is actually going home. And see, now Pete is lying to Lisa about selling her out to Malcolm.

Geez, the shenanigans this week are ridiculous! Now Malcolm has told Jeff about the plan to vote for him, and another group of people plan to vote for Pete. Jonathan must be loving this right now.

Tribal Council time! Malcolm calls Lisa right out on throwing him under the bus, and she totally admits to it. Abbi also admits that Mike and RC were not considered part of the tribe, but that they'll keep Malcolm because he's strong.

Lisa tells the whole tribe about Malcolm's Idol, which gets Abbi to admit that she also has hers. She claims that hers is for her whole alliance, but if you don't know who to give it to, it's not much help.

And now Jonathan is making a play for Kalabaw, along with Mike and Malcolm, to form a solid alliance. Lisa also tries to solidify an alliance, but I don't think anyone will trust her with anything at this point. I think it will probably be Pete, but we'll have to see. And despite Abbi's claim that the Idol is for her alliance, she doesn't take the opportunity to give it to Pete.

But oh, no, it's Jeff! How did that happen? We'll have to wait for the credits to see who voted for who. There was one vote for Abbi, so I'm thinking someone screwed something up. Malcolm looks shocked.

Credits: Jeff is pissed, and wanted this million more than the $60 million he made in baseball. I'm sure whoever wins will trade you. But more importantly, Artis, Mike, Pete, Abbi, and Lisa voted for Jeff, while Jonathan was the lone vote for Abbi.

Next week: Lisa remembers that she doesn't like the rest of her original Tangdang tribe after they're mean to her, so she considers changing alliances again.

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