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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, Season 5 premiere, Got sexy back

As we embark on the fifth season with our favorite Atlanta housewives, there's a new mean girl in town. Kenya Moore, the second black woman to join the ranks of beauties as MISS USA, shows her ugly side as a judge for JET magazine Black Beauty of The Week casting.

Our ears are still ringing from her sounding off about some of the contestants' "coochie crack," showing in their swimsuits. But more on Kenya later.

In other housewives-related news, even if you had been under a rock all summer you still heard that NeNe Leakes has more than self-proclaimed long money -- yes she's "rich b----." Forbes ranked this housewife's net worth at $4.5 million earlier this year ... well okay NeNe.

This episode, NeNe travels to L.A. for a few meetings and negotiations with TV creator and producer Ryan Murphy for her latest business venture, an acting role on NBC's "The New Normal." We see NeNe is putting her over-the-top dramatics to good use with a few acting roles.

As the pair discusses possibly adding another male character to the script in the form of a brother or love interest to NeNe, she is making her negotiations with the men in her personal life as well.

NeNe and estranged ex-husband Gregg Leakes are trying to work out their rocky relationship. He said you don't let 15 years of marriage go down the drain. Agreed? And get this, Gregg wants a key to NeNe's new home. "I'm tired of ringing that bell, feels like I'm UPS." Okay Mr. Delivery Man.

Nene said she's definitely open to them rekindling their relationship, but Gregg is going to have to work hard to get her back. We're definitely questioning his motives a little. Does he just want her back because of all the lucrative business moves she has been making?

From one rock relationship to a new spark, Phaedra should maybe consider a career as a matchmaker hooking up Kandi Burruss with her new boo Todd, who works in TV production for BRAVO. The couple has been together for almost a year and has decided to take their relationship to the new level: moving in together. Kandi and Todd found a huge foreclosed property in Atlanta and paid cold, hard cash. NeNe may be rich, but it looks like Kandi is wealthy.

Kandi is hard in the middle of renovations to her new home when the green-eyed jealousy monster Kim Zolciak waddled her very pregnant self over to see Kandi's new home. Kim, who is being evicted from her own leased castle, has a few catty comments about Kandi's home.

While touring Kandi's new abode, Kim remarked that Kandi's new zip code is in the "ghetto" and that she made sure to lock her car doors when she pulled up. But wait, what home do you own again Kim? Oh okay, let's proceed.

On Kim's homefront, Sweetie, Kim's assistant, is back after being fired by Kim last season. Again this season Sweetie is helping Kim and Kroy pack up their home and look for movers since the family is being evicted from their 17,000-square-foot palace.

Kim and Kroy were renting-to-buy their home from homeowner Kim Davis. According to Kim after the renovations to the property, they decided the property was no longer worth buying and decided to leave. When they asked for a four-month extension on their lease while waiting for their new home to be built, they were forced out by the homeowners.

Sweetie proceeds to find movers and storage quotes from companies to pack up Kim and Kroy and was quoted more than $100,000 for the move. Talk about steep, especially when Kandi hired movers for only $59 per hour. What company did Sweetie call?

But we don't know a good entrepreneurial venture. When she's not playing cupid, Phaedra Parks is indulging in another over-the-top business venture. Phaedra's interest in mortuary science has been taken to a new level with her added enthusiasm in the pet business -- pet death business that is.

Phaedra's latest ambition is to be the "Vera Wang of funeral," as she inquires about starting a pet funeral business with a local vet. Although she not necessary a pet person, Phaedra finds out that most people find their pets to be an extension of their own families and want to give them a proper homecoming service like they would a human. A little creepy, but Phaedra does not let that stop her. We'll see how seriously she takes this business plan later in the season.

We catch up with Cynthia Bailey in a sort of menage-a-trois with husband Peter and ex-husband Leon, who is currently living with them. The trio gets into a lively discussion about whether Noelle, Cynthia and Leon's daughter, should continue to be homeschooled. Cynthia may have thought she knew her daughter, but Noelle surprised everyone when she said she wanted to return to public school. 

Cynthia's agency, The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, holds casting auditions for JET's coveted beauty of the week and Cynthia asks newcomer Kenya Moore to join the auditions.

Kenya practically tore apart every young girl who entered the audition, mocking their swimsuits, lack of shaven pubes and flashing of "coochie crack." When one of Cynthia's assistants approached her for being rude to the girls, Kenya calls her bodyguard on the poor boy. Body guard? Really?

Cynthia may have found her backbone this season when she finally silences Kenya's rude outbursts, telling Kenya that her behavior is not one her agency or JET wants to be associated with.

We're excited to see what other mess we will see Kenya in this season. From what we can tell in the previews, this will not be her last crazy encounter with the other ladies.

Kenya seems to be involved in a few entrepreneurial ventures herself, with a production company, Moore Vision Media. But her move to Atlanta seems to be centered on being with her family and starting a family of her own with her man friend, Walter. But if she has already been asked by six guys for her hand in marriage and said no to all of them, we wonder about the caliber of guys she attracts.

All the same next week is sure to be more relationship building between NeNe and Gregg, Kandi and Todd and Kenya and Walter. We are also a little interested to see when in the season Porshe Stewart will be added.

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