Naval Academy shows off its 'Gangnam Style'

As it turns out, the Naval Academy is awash in "Gangnam Style."

A crew of mids from the 22nd Company, at least, seem to have it in spades and shows it off in a video that's going viral.

The video (see above), just posted Sunday on YouTube, already has more than 267,000 views.

In it, the young men, mainly in dress whites, dance around the Naval Academy to the song "Gangnam Style" by South Korean rapper PSY. It's one of the hottest songs in America right now.

The mids call it a "spirit spot." It's indeed spirited.

The guys are shaking it down all over the Academy grounds and in various campus buildings. They're dancing at the water in Annapolis. They're dancing in a bathroom stall. They're dancing at a urinal line.

And this dancing? It's fairly, um, exuberant.

Quite a bit of hip thrusting.

"It ends with Go Navy. Beat VMI." If the team's moves are half that good, it won't be a problem.

Comments on the video are mainly positive. They include: "Gotta love a man in uniform who can dance and have fun," and "Nice to see a more fun side of the military once in a while."

But of course there was also: "Disgrace to the U.S. Navy Officer Uniform."

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