Pig-tailed little girl grills Ray Lewis in new Visa ad

In a new ad for Visa, Ravens tough guy Ray Lewis becomes putty in the hand of a little girl in pig-tails.

The 33-second spot is called "Ray Lewis's toughest interview yet."

It features Lewis at a press conference. He's is seated at the podium, a scrum of tough-looking media before him asking him uncomfortable questions.

Suddenly, a hand shoots up and little girl voice shouts out, "Mr. Lewis!"

"What's your favorite color?" she demands.

"Purple," Lewis answers, a charmed look on his face.

"What's your favorite animal?" she wants to know next.

"Sea turtle," he says.

The battery contines. What's your bed-time? Do you believe in space aliens? Hash browns or home fries?

And, the hardest one of all: "Do you like my dress?"

The spot is for a Visa promotion offering fans a chance to interview an NFL player. We can only hope the questions from the eventual winner are half as good as these.

The best part of the spot might come . Lewis and the little girl on the field, both doing the trademark Lewis primal scream.

Check out the ad:


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