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Ravens fan of the week: 'Carne Cabeza'

By day, Neal Moorhouse, 31, is a Federal Hill resident and the manager of the embroidery department at Personalized Classics in Rockville. But at game time, out comes "Carne Cabeza" (translation: "Meat Head"), the alter ego identifiable by his tights, cape, wrestling mask and exposed gut. We chatted via email with Moorhouse about his passion for Baltimore sports. Here are some highlights.

How did you become a fan?

I didn't really become a "crazy Ravens fan" until I spent three years in Richmond [mostly during college]. Showing my Baltimore pride really drove my fandom!

How many games will you attend?

This year, I will be going to every single home game, thanks to Blue Agave in Federal Hill. They liked what I did so much that they gave me season tickets! I also haven't ruled out some away games. I have my eye on Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

How did the outfit come about?

I really wanted a Mexican wrestling mask. I found a Ravens mask online and jumped on it. After it came in, I said to myself, "Let's make a whole outfit out of this." I made a cape, bought some tights and secured a purple Speedo, and Carne Cabeza was born!

Why are you so intense in your fandom?

Why not? I don't mind being the center of attention. Nothing is better than seeing a whole section of Ravens fans at the game start going crazy when I show up!

Are there other "superfans" you admire?

You have to give it to Captain Dee-Fense! I have never witnessed people go so crazy from a guy who all he has to do is show up! He doesn't even have to say a single word, and people go nuts!

What reactions do you get?

Most people love it, but there are definitely some people out there that are a little grossed out. I can't really blame them. I love to see kids' expressions. They are either really excited or scared.

Have you had any interactions with players?

I haven't been able to have any interactions with any Ravens players yet. I would love to be able to meet Ed Reed or Ray Lewis, but then again, who wouldn't!?

What's your "dream encounter" with a Raven?

I would love to spend a day with Ray Rice. I love his personality and attitude. I think we'd get along really well. Plus, I love what he does for charities in his free time!

What does your family think of the outfits?

My family loves the attention I get from this. My mom tells everyone she knows about it. She's crazy on Facebook, liking every single photo I post and commenting on other people's pictures of me.

What will the Ravens' record be this season?

After the season opener, there's a legitimate argument to not only win the division, but even go deep in the playoffs. On the other hand, it is only one game out of 16 for the regular season. I could easily see us going 12-4.

How do you balance your Ravens and Orioles passions?

I am so proud to be from Baltimore! The only time it becomes an issue is when the two teams play the same day; good thing this has only happened once this season (Manny Machado's first game vs. the Ravens' first preseason game). Thankfully, I was able to watch both without missing too much!

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