Baltimore Comic-Con spotlights local artists

This weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con, which fills city streets with costumed fans, will also highlight many local artists and comic book creators. Some, like Frank Cho and Greg Larocque, have illustrated Flash, Spider-Man and other classics. Others, like Janmie Noguchi, are newer to the game, and are producing works with their own characters.

The Baltimore Sun took a look at five local standouts, as the convention prepares for its Saturday-Sunday run at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Jamie Noguchi, a Rockville-based artist who draws the web comic "Yellow Peril," said of his craft: "[O]ne of the great things that I love most about comics is the variety of stories that are being published today. We have these huge, epic, sweeping superhero dramas with godlike beings deciding the fate of our very existence, and we have these small, tragically charming stories with characters just like us trying to navigate everyday life. Both kinds of stories can live on the same shelf in the store and be considered masterpieces by comic readers."



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