Julia Child's 100th: Everything you need to know

On what would have been 100th birthday for Julia Child, queen of the upscale cookbook, here's some good reading:

The Washington Post reports that the National Museum of American History today reopened one of its most beloved exhibits: the kitchen Child used for television shows. "The copper pot collection represented only in outline until it was reunited with Child’s kitchen in 2009 now hangs directly across from where it belonged. Child’s French Legion of Honor medal of 2000 and the 1996 Emmy statuette for “In Julia’s Kitchen With Master Chefs” are displayed nearby. The mystery of an accompanying, cantaloupe-size tea infuser has been solved: It’s a rice-cooking ball, says co-curator and project director Paula Johnson," the article notes.

The Christian Science Monitor offers a tribute that includes her recipe for Beef Bourguignon. "Julia viewed food as one of the greatest pleasures in life, a pleasure worth the small sacrifice of a wider waistline. (Who needs to be a size 4 anyway?) She embraced cooking as an art form akin to ballet. And she cooked with the same inspired strokes of an artist to create timeless gastronomical masterpieces," the article says.

PBS, where Child offered a peek at Food Channel shows to come, provides a recipe for roast chicken ("the real test of a good chef is a perfectly cooked chicken," she once said), videos on apple desserts and a Which Julia Are You? quiz.

The New York Times offers a list of chef favorites from her book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The article says, "For Judith Norell, a vegetarian and owner of the Silver Moon bakery in Manhattan; for the writer Julie Powell, who spent a year cooking every recipe in the book for the blog that became 'Julie & Julia,' the movie; and for the chef Laurent Géroli at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Ky., Child’s famously fussy method for ratatouille — in which the eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes are all diced small, cooked separately — is still the only way." 

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