Even from Boston, Jen Royle slams Baltimore

Though she's miles up the East Coast, former Baltimore sports reporter Jen Royle's bad feelings for Baltimore seem fresh as ever.

Royle, a radio personality left WJZ-FM (105.7 The Fan) after Ravens season to return to Boston, her hometown. That followed a very public spat in which she sued Nestor Aparicio and two of his employees at radio station WNST for defamation.


Though she dropped the suit a few months later, and before she left Royle told Sun writer David Zurawik last December that "nothing negative" was driving her from Baltimore,  she seems to be singing a different tune now.

Monday night on Twitter Royle unleashed a stream of smack against Charm City in exchanges with a few of her Twitter followers. It's not quite clear what sparked her anger -- but her bad feelings are more than obvious.


Here's a little bit of it:

MLB reports asked Royle: "What is it the fans love most? Your charm?"

"They loved my honestly," she replied, "and they absolutely love that I refued to root for the home team like Homer Simpson."

MLB reports agreed with her distaste for "Homer" rooting.

"There are many homers that won't listen to logic," MLB said. "They think with baseball hearts. Not brains always. They can be fun too."

And here's Royle's first dig: "Sounds like half the Orioles media... It was embarrassing."

Then, she was chatting with someone named Erik Fowble who was happy to jump in and ding Orioles fans, saying, "lol dumb orioles fans are usually ravens fans who are still learning how to watch football so remember that also :-) #idiots"

"I can name all 15 ppl who hate me," Jen Royle responded. "That's how pathetic they are. They don't shut up. They're all linked somehow. They're sick."


Fowble ‏then said Royle's troubles seem to come from Dundalk "white trash."

"Good point," Royle agreed. "I have to try to remember that. I made some friends for life in BMore. None from Maryland tho."

Upping the ante, Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo jumped into the fray this morning, taking Royle's side.

"There will always be haters @Jen_Royle just ignore em or rip em!," Ayanbadejo wrote. " Lol."

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