Jane Fonda smitten with Annapolis

Jane Fonda was so smitten with Maryland's capital city that state tourism officials have taken to calling her "Annapolis' newest ambassador."

The actress was walking the cobblestone streets of Annapolis the other day to film a cameo in the movie “Better Living Through Chemistry," a shoot that's been underway there for a number of weeks.

But unlike stars who parachute in and zip out with barely a look around, Fonda was into Annapolis, shooting tons of pictures of the historical vistas and then, later devoting a blog post to the town.

"Just finished my Cameo on 'Better Living Through Chemistry.' We filmed in Annapolis, Maryland," she said. "I’ve never been there before. Who knew how utterly charming it is? Loved it! Wish I could have stayed longer."

Fonda posted her shots of the narrow streets that radiate from the State House. She met the Town Crier in his historical garb. And she dined at Galway Bay, an Irish restaurant on Maryland Avenue.

She showed off a picture of herself posing with one of the restaurant's managers, Fintan Galway.

Galway was delighted to mingle with the celebrity and surprised to find out he now had his own cameo -- on her blog.

"She was very gracious," Galway said, "talking about, you know, what she was doing in town. And then she asked me about the menu."

Fonda dined on a tuna fish sandwich with pineapple and avocado. Her hairdresser, who she was lunching with, had a crabcake.

Galway called the overall encounter "pretty cool," praising Fonda's "amazing" movies but, as a military man, holding his tongue for her well-known anti-war stance.

"I wouldn't be a huge fan there," he said.

Maryland travel officials don't care about Fonda's politics. They're just tickled about the free publicity she's showering on Annapolis. The other day the agency Tweeted about Fonda, calling her the town's "newest ambassador" and saying:

"Jane -- we have to bring you back!"


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