Kristen Stewart steals Robert Pattinson's Orioles cap

Don't be surprised if gaggles of screaming teens suddenly make a rush on Orioles gear.

Their icon, "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, has been photographed in an Orioles hat all over the place.

It turns out that Stewart has apparently swiped the orange and black headgear from her boyfriend, co-star Robert Pattinson. (Robert Pattinson??? Aaaaaaaah!!!)

Yahoo's Crush blog is reporting that the hat-grab is a meaningful indicator of the couple's true love.

"While some girls snag their boyfriend's favorite button-down shirt or perfectly broken-in sweatshirt, Kristen Stewart seems to have taken possession of Robert Pattinson's prized ball cap," Crush writes.

The blog cites plenty of examples -- photographic and otherwise -- to back up its claim.

First, Pattinson had been spotted all over the place with the O's hat on his famously tousled head. (He reportedly owns two.) And then the cap switched heads. Stewart, Crush says, has worn it to Coachella, to go to a Katy Perry performance and just the other day in New York City.

But questions remain.

Will Pattinson buy a replacement hat? And if so, will it be one with the new cartoon bird? Will Stewart get hat-head?

Cliffhangers, all. We'll have to wait for the sequel.

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