PETA wants to put sexy ad on Baltimore fire trucks

PETA wants to take a Baltimore City councilman up on his budget-balancing idea to put ads on fire trucks.

And the ad the group has in mind could start some fires all by itself.


The group, known for its attention-getting tactics, sent a letter to City Councilman William "Pete" Welch on Friday, saying that they love his money-making scheme of selling ads on city fire trucks.

"In light of the recent bill you proposed that would allow advertisements to be placed on the city's fire engines to ease financial trouble, we would like to be the first to offer you a revenue-raising ad that will get hearts racing while preventing heart attacks," PETA wrote. "Our 'Vegans Are Hot! Free Smokin'-Hot Recipes:' advertisement, featuring a sexy woman showing off her vegan physique, will drive Baltimore residents to PETA's heart-healthy vegan recipes that will keep them firing on all cylinders."


It would certainly drive Baltimore residents to something.

The ad features a buxom young lady who's wearing a bikini and spilling out of it. "Vegans are Hot!" it says.

Ashley Byrne, PETA's manager of campaigns who made the offer to Welch, attempted to sweeten the deal by pointing out that if the ad prompts more Baltimore residents to go vegan, people won't be so fat, disease-ridden and heart-attack prone. Fewer service calls for the emergency responders!

She signed off, saying: "Our ad will help your city keep all of its fire departments up and running while passing along a lifesaving message: By going vegan, Baltimore residents can save animals, protect their health, and help themselves become "hot stuff"!"

Councilman Welch's assistant Jovan Griffin said Friday morning that Welch had not gotten to the office, so he had yet to see the offer. She wasn't willing to venture a guess to whether or not he would approve.


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