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If he wins Mega Millions, Maryland boss will pay employees' mortgages

In the running for the Nicest Boss in Maryland award is this guy, who just bought 200 Mega Million tickets and promised to share the winnings -- in a big, big way, with his workers.

Dennis Kane of Kane Construction said he was the only winner, he'd pay the mortgages off of everyone in his company. And that was before he knew the jackpot was up to $640 million. Maybe now he workers will also get cars.

Cost of tickets: $200. Value in corporate good will of making a pledge like this: Priceless.

In his own words:


Attached is a copy of the 200 tickets that I just purchased for the MegaMillions lottery drawing.  The jackpot for the single winning ticket is estimated to be approximately $540 Million.  I am including each of you in my "pool" in the event one of these is the single winning ticket - of which the after tax proceeds for a lump sum payout would be about $260 Million.  Subject to tax laws and the amount of the ultimate payout - I promise that if I (we) hit the jackpot alone - I will personally pay off the current home mortgage balance of every employee of KANE Construction, Inc. up to $1M.  If one of the tickets hits for other than the jackpot, I will determine some kind of split based on a formula of my own making (so you will still need to be nice to me!).  Please print these out and take them the home with you.

Seeing as how I am currently out of the Country and will not be able to tune into the drawing broadcast, I might ask that one of you send me an email to let me know if we hit.

Wish us all luck! Unfortunately, it's probably too late to get hired by Kane today.


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