Gov. O'Malley talks about his love for Bruce Springsteen

First the St. Patrick's day concert at the White House.

Now an interview where he effuses over Bruce Springsteen.

Gov. Martin O'Malley is showing his rocker side again.

In an interview just published on Politico, the governor says Bruce "has been the soundtrack of my life."

He also reveals he's seen The Boss more than a dozen times. And that his favorite album is "Born to Run."

(One could see how "Born to Run" would, quite literally, be the soundtrack of his life.)

When the reporter arrived in Annapolis for the interview, O'Malley cranked up Springsteen's latest album in his office.

He couldn't narrow it down to just one favorite Bruce song though.

The governor told Politico in his younger days it might have been "Thunder Road." Perhaps "No Surrender" when he was a bit older. But at 49 now, he said maybe "Land of Hope and Dreams."

He also thinks Springsteen could be The Boss ... of a state.

“The reason I think he would make a very good governor is because he has that clarity of purpose, that clarity of vision. He has the humility to surround himself with people that one would hope would be much more expert in their given area, whether it was public safety or public health or public education," O'Malley told Politico. "And I think that’s much of the challenge of leadership in these times, is clarity of principle and clarity of purpose and communicating that broadly with a respect for the dignity of every individual, and I think that’s what he does very well in music. It’d be fun to see him try it in governing.”

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