Showering Michael Phelps will sell you shampoo

Michael Phelps has another important swimming event this week in Indianapolis.

But it seems everyone wants to talk about the Baltimore Olympian's new shampoo commerical for Head & Shoulders.

His Subway spots didn't generate this much buzz. But he had clothes on in those.

Okay, he's got some clothes on in the commericial. But in at least half of it, it's shot so that he looks, well, naked. He's in the shower, sudsing up in slow motion.

“So, what's Michael selling here? Sex? Swimwear? Shampoo?” wrote Instinct Magazine. “Put your toned sportsman in a shower with your product and we can guarantee we won't fast forward through the commercial!”

Phelps reportedly has a two-year, seven-figure deal with the company.

Reporters had a chance to see the commercials at a press conference a few weeks ago and they’re supposed to be rolling out now on TV, as we inch closer to this summer’s Olympics. Head & Shoulders is also supposed to be contributing to the Michael Phelps Foundation.

Phelps, who is 26, is the latest star or athlete to lather up for the dandruff shampoo. Hairy Troy Polamalu did it. So did Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer.

Phelps though is introducing the brand's "Wash in Confidence" campaign. "It's not just the flakes we wash out," the slogan says, "It's what we wash in."

The 30-second spot shows with his game-face on, saying, "Two things I need before the race, music and the confidence to win."

They alternate shots of him swimming with shots of him in the shower. He's mostly in the shower.

The swimmer told People magazine his hair needs all the help it can get.

“It feels dead at times,” Phelps told People. “Head & Shoulders really helps re-moisturize my head, my hair and my scalp,” the athlete says. “It feels good, it feels clean.”


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