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Note to councilman: Domestic violence is not 'a fundamental human right'

Thanks, but we’ll pass.

With great fanfare, the office of Baltimore City Councilman Robert W. Curran sent out a email to reporters declaring that domestic violence is “a fundamental human right.” The missive went on to say: “Baltimore is only the second city in the country (after Cincinnatti) to recognize this right.”

It’s tempting to wonder what other heretofore unrecognized human rights are about to be newly affirmed.  But when we called the councilman to inquire, there was a long moment of silence.

“Oh no,” Curran finally said. “Oh no no no no no. No way. Oh my God. The [email] should have said just the opposite. Freedom from domestic violence is a fundamental human right.”

He hastily ended the call so he could have his staff get to work on a corrected email.

Update: Curran's office phoned, saying the mistake has been corrected. They wanted to reemphasize what the councilman said above: That it is freedom from domestic violence that he endorses as a fundamental human right. Apparently, they didn't find their initial mistake too funny.

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