Jada Pinkett Smith urges SRB to protect elephants

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith is appealing directly to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on behalf of elephants.

In a letter dated Tuesday, the actress said she was appealing to the mayor "as a mother and proud Baltimore native."

Pinkett Smith wanted to make sure no elephants were jabbed with bullhooks during the upcoming performance of Ringling Bros. Circus’ at 1st Mariner Arena.

She reminded Rawlings-Blake of the city's law against any “mechanical, electrical, or manualdevice that is likely to cause physical injury or suffering” to a performing animal.

"Unlike me and other actors, elephants do not choose to perform," Pinkett Smith wrote. "These endangered elephants will soon be in your jurisdiction. My friends at PETA and I join animal advocates across the state in asking for your leadership in holding Ringling accountable and requiring the circus to comply with Baltimore’s absolute prohibition of the use of devices such as bullhooks."

Pinkett Smith also pointed out in the letter that some elephants scheduled to perform in Baltimore have arthritis yet are forced to perform "night after night under the constant fear of punishment."

PETA happily circulated the letter on Tuesday.

Rawlings-Blake, meanwhile, is a big fan of the circus.

She snapped up six tickets to the show in 2010 that were offered by circus public relations people. That year, according to her spokesman, Ryan O'Doherty the mayor was invited to play a ceremonial role in the event along with her daughter.


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