Glimpsed at Center Stage gala

Board member Terry Morgenthaler was a standout at the Center Stage gala in a Dolce & Gabbana number. The 55-year-old Ruxton resident loves fashion but knows where she can push the envelope and where she can't. Her style? "Classic with an edge — that's what everybody says. ... I like to be chic, but appropriate for my age," the Friends School badminton coach said.

The look: Tan and red two-tone leopard print chiffon Dolce & Gabbana sheath dress. Black satin peep-toe Jimmy Choo pumps with multicolor crystal flowers. Black patent leather clutch. Rock-crystal chandelier earrings.

Where it came from: She bought the dress at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her shoes came from Ruth Shaw. She's had the bag for years. Her earrings came from New York jewelry store H. Stern.

The stories behind her outfit: "I knew I had a couple of things coming up: my son's graduation from college and my husband's business school reunion. I knew I wouldn't wear black, so I got this dress [for those events]. Then, I was looking through my closet and thought … 'Why not wear it for an in-town event?' ... These Jimmy Choos are 8 years old. Ray [Mitchener of Ruth Shaw] made me buy them and said, 'This is a classic shoe. You'll wear it once a year for the rest of your life.' … [My husband, Patrick Kerins and I] celebrated our 27th anniversary in October. We were in New York, and … he said, 'We got married when we were 27, and we've been married for 27 years.' He made that a big anniversary, so we went to my favorite jewelry store" for the earrings.

Shopping with purpose: "I don't buy a lot, and when I buy it, I have it in mind for a long time. ... I shop, I would say, three times a year.. … My go-to shop is Ruth Shaw. I've been working with [owner] Ray Mitchener for years. ... With my new coaching job, I had to figure out what was appropriate for me to wear. I'm working with 15- to 18-year-old girls. I can't wear the short things they're wearing. So I've discovered the Ralph Lauren golf skirt."

What works and what doesn't: "I don't need any alterations done to Michael Kors. I'm a standard size 6 in Michael Kors. ... I stay away from anything too short. But, I always wear a heel — 3-inch preferred. … I can't wear peach, and gray is dismal. But surprisingly, orange and red tend to be very good colors for me. ... I know that I have a broad swimmer's shoulder, and I still have a waist. That means I can be belted. And it provides the proportion. It's all about proportion."

Changing it up: "I made almost all my own clothes for years. ... What I'm doing now, especially in light of the economy, is I'm taking clothes [I've had for a while] that are wonderful clothes and I'm adjusting hemlines, I'm changing the shapes."

Fashion philosophy: "Basically, you have to be honest about your shape and your age. And then, wear what looks good on you and makes you feel fabulous."

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