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Glimpsed at Pier Six: Jaclyn Battista

Jaclyn Battista looked as cute as a boho button when we "Glimpsed" her in the audience at the Ben Harper concert at Pier Six Pavilion. "For the most part, [my style] is pretty laid-back: skinny jeans and cute shirts. … I like to dress it up sometimes with dresses, skirts and heels," says the 20-year-old Silver Spring resident.

The look: Multicolor print cotton sundress. Royal blue wool cardigan. Wide brown leather corset belt with cutout detail. Brown Ultrasuede slouch boots. Brown braided bracelet with peace sign.

Where it came from: She got everything at Forever 21 — except for the peace sign bracelet, which came from a beachside shop in Rehoboth Beach, Del..

How she shops: "I shop all the time. Forever 21 — I love that store. I also like little boutiques. I shop online a lot. I love is good, too. ... Budget is a big thing because I live on my own, and I am a student. So I tend to look for things that are on sale or clearance. But I don't just buy anything. I'm a smart shopper. ... I like to get as much as possible as cheaply as possible."

What she looks for: "For the most part, I shop for things that catch my eye. ... I'm pretty thin, so I usually go for things that are more straight and form-fitting. ... I like things that are funky and colorful. But I do wear black a lot, too. ... I tend to not buy anything with stripes — it usually doesn't look right on me. Plaid is fine, but stripes, no."

She edits her outfits: "I definitely dress pretty cleanly. I try to accessorize every outfit with something. If the outfit's more flashy, I try not to do so many accessories. If it's more of a plain outfit, I'll do a bigger chain, a bigger earring or flashy bracelets. ... I like accessories. They always bring more character to my outfits."

Her fashion passion: "I love anything that has peace signs on it. If it has a peace sign on it, then I want it. Shirts, bags, bracelets, necklaces, everything; the works."

Looks she loves: "I am definitely into waist-high skirts. I'm very excited for warm weather, so I can wear the long flowy dresses."

One look she hates: "If you're wearing anything like a tube top or [something] strapless, do not wear a bra with it. People do that, and it really bothers me."

If her closet were on fire, she'd rescue: "I have a Marc Jacobs scarf that my aunt gave me that I love. I have these knee-high silver heeled boots that remind me of astronauts. And I would save those, too."

Her fashion philosophy: "If you feel good in it, wear it."

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