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Glimpsed at Mother's Federal Hill Grille: Heidi Klotzman

Baltimore Sun

Heidi Klotzman says her fashion sense can change from day to day. "Some days, it's all about comfort, and I could care less. Other days, I want to be like my grandma. My grandma was very elegant. She had this regal taste about her." When we glimpsed the 28-year-old CEO/founder of HeidnSeek Entertainment at a Mother's Federal Hill Grille happy hour, she was more than just inspired by her grandmother. She was wearing a sweater dress that had once been her grandmother's. The Pikesville resident describes her style as "classic with an edge."

The look: Dark-gray cashmere Preview sweater dress. Gray suede flat scrunch boots. Red faux leather Balenciaga knockoff handbag. Faux pearl headband. Purple Burberry wool scarf.

Where it came from: The dress was inherited from her grandmother. She found her boots at a Las Vegas boutique. She bought the bag on New York City's Canal Street, and her headband at Forever 21. Her scarf was a gift.

She sticks to basics: "I used to shop a lot, but I got more conservative as I got older. ... When I shop, I hold out for basics that have quality and can stand the length of time. I finally did what my grandmother told me: 'Don't buy these trends. ... Buy classic items that you can have for decades' "

How she puts together outfits: "I go to Las Vegas a lot because my dad, who's a concert promoter, lives there. I have some pieces from my mom and my grandma that are more designer [labels]. So I mix and match those with funkier pieces that I pick up from Vegas boutiques."

Her fashion passion: "The color purple. There's just something about it. ... It makes you feel passionate - more passionate than you already are. I have a Prince tour jacket and a Shaun Cassidy jacket that I wear. ... And I have these really cute purple leggings. I have a purple faux fur Betsey Johnson jacket. It's gorgeous. I have some purple dresses that are really cute."

She dresses for her shape: "I'm an hourglass. I like A-line [pieces] and not necessarily empire because you can drown in that. When I first started my company, [for] every event I went to, I got a dress from White House | Black Market. ... Usually, things aren't fitted well for women who are somewhat petite. Over there, it's just perfect. ... The trench coat is a nice look if it's tailored properly. I like going monochromatic."

Her favorite looks: "With a worn-in but nice pair of jeans, some cowboy boots, a crisp white T-shirt and maybe a navy blazer, you're good to go. ... Sweater dresses are awesome. ... You just slip them on, put on a pair of boots and you're out."

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