Glimpsed at Fullwood Foundation benefit

Baltimore Sun

Even though it's always a packed house at the Fullwood Foundation benefit and awards breakfast, it's easy to spot foundation volunteers. They're the ones dressed in red. Volunteer Vicki Lynn Jenkins was a particular standout at Martin's West. Her outfit started with her plaid peep-toe pumps, says the 53-year-old property manager for Edgewood Management Corp. "I found them on sale, and then went looking for a suit to match them." Dressing up comes naturally to this Baltimore resident. "I grew up in a Christian-based family. We were always in church, so we were always dressed up. We weren't in jeans and sweat shirts. We were in ribbons and bows."

The look: Red silk blend Isabella suit. Oatmeal sheer pantyhose. Red plaid Bandolino peep-toe pumps. Silk red rose pin. Faux pearl necklace. Gold and diamond cross pendant. Diamond and gold rings. Anne Klein goldtone and crystal watch. Mixed bracelets of gold, silver and pearl. Pearl and gold earrings. Bronze Ebony Eyewear Collection glasses.

Where it came from: Her suit was a Ross find. She picked up the pantyhose at Walmart, and her rose pin at a beauty supply store. She found the shoes at Macy's, and her pearl necklace at Burlington Coat Factory. She collected the rest of her jewelry over the years. Her glasses came from America's Best.

How she shops: "I shop as needed. I'm not a window shopper. I go all over the place - Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom and Macy's. I'm a department store shopper. I don't go to outlets. ... I do like Ross, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Burlington. ..."

She's no slouch: "I'm normally dressed up. That's natural for me. For work, I do suits and separates. ... I do like jeans, and I like jean skirts. ... Very seldom do I wear tennis shoes. I think I have one pair."

A fashionable family: "On my mother's side of the family, all of the women were known as classily dressed. It's been passed down through generations. I'm the eldest of three girls. My mom ... was always admired for how her children were dressed."

She's a pearl girl: "Pearls ... are an everyday accessory for me. I would say at least three out of five days, I will have on pearls. They're versatile. They go with everything. ... I can put on a sweat shirt and put on pearls."

If her closet were on fire: "Oh, don't say that. I just lost a lot of clothes at my dry cleaner's when it burned down. I was devastated. I'm still missing things. ... But if that happened, I would save my clothes for church. ... You're talking about clothes that may have expensive buttons and trims, beading. You're talking about silks. More expensive fabrics."

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