Spring hair trends

How to get the hottest spring hair in just a few minutes.

The top hair trends for spring begin and end with the ponytail.

The popular go-to 'do can be manipulated in a number of ways within a matter of minutes to give wearers a variety of styles perfect for a day at the office, an evening on the town or brunch the next morning.

Stylist Nicole Conway of Baltimore Spa and Salon at the Ritz-Carlton Residences has come up with five styles for the season that will keep you ahead of the curve. Conway worked some of the fashion shows at the most recent New York Fashion Week, including for designers Clover Canyon, Hood By Air and Thom Browne.

Conway identified the ponytail as the starting style to build upon in creating different looks.

These styles can be done in 10 minutes or less — with most taking about a minute to complete.

Sleek ponytail

The sleek ponytail has been worn by celebrities who include Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawrence. The style was also included in Harper Bazaar's spring trends.

"Every major designer had a form of a ponytail during their show at fashion week," Conway said.

"Wear this look everywhere," she added. "From an event to work, this style works with anything."


•Wet hair using Tonic Lotion by Bumble and Bumble or a similar moisturizing product.

•Use a thickening spray to control the direction of the hair, according to Conway.

•Use Full Form Mousse by Bumble and Bumble around the hairline and a little on the crown of the hair to "control cowlicks."

•Use a hairdryer and brush (not a comb) to straighten the hair. "The brush gives you more of a seamless, sleek look," Conway said.

•After the hair is dry, pull it back into a ponytail, and brush it smooth.

•Use a bungee or hair tie at the root to hold the ponytail in place.

•Finish with a light spray.

Flirty bun

This isn't your traditional chignon.

"This is a trendy bun that you can wear out at night or to brunch the next day," she said. "It looks styled, finished and polished."


•Starting with a ponytail, separate a section of hair, then take the remaining hair and tuck it back into an elastic band, leaving the ends out.

•Take the separated strand of hair and wrap that around the elastic base, which will hide the elastic and give you a more polished, sophisticated look, Conway said.

•Apply some heat to the wrapped base using a dryer. This will hold the hair in place.

Braided chignon

Actresses Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively have all worn this style.

It is the perfect look to take you from work into evening, according to Conway.

"You can do this look after work in the bathroom before you go out," she said.


•Starting with the ponytail, create one braid all the way down to the end of the hair from the root. (The braid can range from tight to loose, depending on the desired look, according to Conway.)

•Wrap the braid around the base of the hair where the elastic is holding it in place.

•Insert about six hairpins around the perimeter of the braid to hold it in place.

Mix textured ponytail

This style was popular on the runways of Paris, according to Conway. Celebs including Kate Hudson and Joan Smalls have been spotted on the red carpet wearing the hairdo.

"It has a rocker feel," she said. "So it would be good for a night out on the town."


•Starting with the hair in a ponytail, make three to four braids, leaving some strands straight.

•Flat-iron each of the braids from the root down to the end. Let braids sit and cool for a couple seconds.

•Unravel the braids. The pony tail will now have both straight and crinkled hair.

•Use Dry Spin Finish by Bumble and Bumble, a cross between hair spray and dry shampoo, to finish the look.

Beachy boho wave

This style, which has been worn by Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Adriana Lima, showcases the ends of the hair, Conway said.

It's perfect for an "everyday look," she said, "and can be worn multiple days in a row."

Simply use a dry shampoo along the roots of the hair to extend the hairstyle a couple of days without washing.


•Start with the hair in its natural state and create a center part.

•Take the barrel of the curling iron and wrap the middle section of hair around the iron. Do not apply heat to the root or the end of the hair. Roll the hair away from your face when curling to give it that "swept-back look," Conway advises.

•Once all the hair has been curled, use your fingers to loosen the tighter curls into gentle waves. Then tousle your hair with your hands to give it a disheveled look. "You're not striving for perfection," Conway said. "Boho isn't supposed to look perfect. It's supposed to be natural and look slept-in."

•Spray with any hair product that contains sea salt to provide additional texture and hold.

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