Baltimore Internet entrepreneur Greg Cangialosi's 10 favorite things

Editor's note: Take 10 is a series of occasional features on prominent local residents and the possessions they treasure.

Greg Cangialosi's personal hashtag is #neverstop. It may not have been created by the 40-year-old Baltimore techie, but it's one he's used for years.

"That pretty much describes the way I live my life," says the co-founder of several high profile Baltimore-based internet ventures.


That phrase certainly describes his professional life. These days Cangialosi is juggling three - yes, three - jobs, none of which he had necessarily to do after 2011, when he sold Blue Sky Factory - a 10-year-old successful email marketing company he co-founded - to WhatCounts for an undisclosed sum.

Just over a year ago, Cangialosi and two partners launched Betamore, a Federal Hill campus that helps incubate tech-based startup companies and offers an academy to teach a number of technical skills.


Cangialosi is also the managing member of Baltimore Angels, an investment group for early stage technology-based startups.

If that wasn't enough, he recently took on the role of CEO for MissionTix, an online event ticketing platform, a job that actually brought him back to his professional roots.

"In 1996, right after college [at UMBC] I was a music promoter for about two to three years. I promoted concerts and nightclubs – everything from the 8x10, Lithuanian Hall, Recher Theatre, UMBC - all that kind of stuff. It was a brutal, cutthroat business. I got burned out on it. But that's where I [gained] my marketing chops. That's where I learned how to hustle."

Cangialosi puts hustle into his leisure time, too, most of which is spent with his 5-year-old daughter, Gabriella, and wife, Theresa, and not necessarily at home. They love to travel.

"Once every four weeks, it's good to just get out of town, whether it's going to DC, New York or Italy. It doesn't have to be a [major] vacation. Even traveling for business. I love getting on planes and trains. I love the experience of going to a city and learning what makes it ticks," he says.

Cangialosi also pursues an equilibrium in life with gusto, thanks to his wife, an aromatherapist who owns a Federal Hill Studio where she produces the SoBotanical line high-grade natural body products.

"She's the yin to my yang. We balance each other out perfectly. I'm the high-tech world; 0's and 1's, techy everything. And she keeps us down to earth; balanced, eating healthy, eating organic, using natural products. She's very rooted and grounded."

It all feeds back into his philosophy of #neverstop.


"It's the cycle of life. Everything in life, you have to be continually renewing."

Take 10

Sonos sound system

"It's an audio system that works through Wi-Fi that you can control through your iPhone, your iPad, or through [this] Sonos control. I have speakers everywhere, including the closet, the bathroom, out on the terrace, next to the hot tub. The one place I don't have them is in the shower, where I'm working on getting some sort of i-device that does Bluetooth."


Cangialosi says he probably goes to 2 or three events a week. "I see tons of concerts. If it's not the 8x10, it's Sound Stage, Rams Head or the Arena, or going to a festival."


Ice spheres made from Tovolo molds from Williams-Sonoma

"My wife loves margaritas. I love Manhattans. I'm a bourbon fan too. So, you put an ice sphere – or half an ice sphere - in your glass and it melts very evenly and slowly. It's cool."


These are two watches given to him by friend Mark Wagner, whose Columbia-based company WatchStar, makes watches out of metal from old artifacts. "[The bright blue one] is called the Military DNA - the metal is from a World War II plane. The other one is made from the metal of a 1950s Porsche."

SoBotanical Thieves Blend room spray

From his wife's aromatherapy line, the spray is a blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, clove and thyme. "It's anti-viral and immune building. I think it keeps me healthy. I haven't had a cold or gotten sick in over a year."


Steam room

"Steam is really good for your body. It opens up all the pores of your skin. It releases toxins. It's good for your nose. It's good for your lungs. I use it every day, in conjunction with the Thieves Blend [room spray]. I put it on the steamer – pump it four or five times…and take five or six deep breaths of it and take it in."

Omelet pan

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Weekend Watch


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"I use it a lot [to make] egg white omelets," says Cangialosi, explaining that the pan was a gift from his wife. "It's just one of those awesome pans [that] cooks them perfectly. I'm a pretty good omelet chef, I must say."

Hot tub

He uses the hot tub on his outdoor deck at least once or twice a week, no matter what the season. "Aquatherapy, what can I say? It's relaxing. [One] New Year's [Eve] we were all in it, watching the fireworks."


Black-framed glasses

"I've been wearing black glasses probably since college. Way before it was hip. It used to be my trademark. It still is, but I'm growing my hair again and my curls are coming back, which is [also] one of my trademarks."

Cap collection

"I love my lids. I don't wear them year round, usually the spring and summer...I'll do a cap to work, occasionally," he says. "I'm pretty laid back. But, I can suit it and boot it when I need to. I don't wear a cap then."