Wedded: Ayana Nicole Green and Theodore Hollace Roebuck Jr. had a Pi Day celebration

Ayana Nicole Green and Theodore "Teddy" Hollace Roebuck Jr. got married March 15 as part of a Pi Day celebration at &pizza in Federal Hill.
Ayana Nicole Green and Theodore "Teddy" Hollace Roebuck Jr. got married March 15 as part of a Pi Day celebration at &pizza in Federal Hill. (Emma Weiss / Handout)

Date: March 15

Her story: Ayana Nicole Green, 39, was born and raised in Baltimore. She works as a center manager at the National Spine & Pain Center. Her parents, Prince and Montreal Green, live in Randallstown.


His story: Theodore "Teddy" Hollace Roebuck Jr., 42, was born and raised in Baltimore. He works as a content area specialist for IQ Solutions Inc. His mother, Peggy Ann Ball-Roebuck, lives in Baltimore.

Their story: The couple met online in June 2012 through a Facebook group.


"We ended up striking up a conversation," he recalled.

A month later they decided to meet in Baltimore for drinks with other members of the Facebook social group they joined.

"Even though I had already seen pictures of her, I said, 'Wow.' She's very photogenic. She's beautiful," he said. "It was very pleasing to me because I already had an idea of her personality and intellect. To have that match up with her physical beauty was wonderful."

"He was funny and witty," she said. "He made me laugh immediately."


The two soon learned that the party wasn't an ideal location to talk.

"The party was very loud," he recalled. "There was a lot of things going on. We decided to leave and get something to eat."

The two went to Papermoon Diner, where they stayed and talked for three hours.

From there, they began to date seriously. In August 2015, they got a house in Germantown, where they live with Ayana's 12-year-old daughter, Jasmine, and their 6-month-old daughter, Talia.

The proposal: On Aug. 4, 2016, Teddy recruited Ayana's daughter, Jasmine, to help him propose.

While Ayana was at work, Teddy and Jasmine went to Michaels for arts and crafts. Jasmine used colored paper and decorations to craft the words: "Will You Marry Mr. Teddy?"

When Ayana saw the message, she smiled, laughed and said, "Of course." Teddy then got on one knee, gave her the ring and the two kissed.

Venue: Forty guests attended their wedding at &pizza in Federal Hill. &pizza has celebrated Pi Day by hosting free weddings since 2015, and this was its first year in Baltimore. (Because of snow in Maryland, &pizza postponed its Pi Day weddings until March 15.)

"We're a pizza-loving family," Teddy acknowledged.

Flowers and decor: The colors of the wedding were black, white and purple.

Bride's dress: Ayana wore a white floor-length beaded dress from I Do I Do in Gaithersburg.

Men's attire: Teddy wore a three-piece black suit from the Stafford Collection from J.C. Penney.

Food and dessert: &pizza catered the wedding by providing custom pizzas and cake and Crack Pie by Milk Bar.

Special touches: The couple originally planned to get married during a surprise ceremony for friends and family three weeks after the proposal. However, Ayana went into early labor and wound up delivering their baby three-and-a-half months early.

"Needless to say, that put the wedding and marriage on hold," Ayana said. "We are excited for this day and now we get to celebrate it with both of our girls."


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