Wedded: Ashe Smith and Jacob Green

Date: Feb. 4

His story: Ashe Smith, 30, grew up in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Ashe is a community organizer at the Parks & People Foundation and a founder of the Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill. He's also active with the Mount Royal Community Development Corp. Ashe's parents, Jo Ann Smith and Wayne Smith, reside in Murfreesboro.


His story: Jacob Green, 37, is originally from Beverly Hills, Mich. He moved to Baltimore to attend the Johns Hopkins University. After receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees there, he stayed in Baltimore and became a technology entrepreneur as a partner at Spread Concepts LLC. He currently serves as director of engineering at LTN Global Communications and as president of the Mount Royal Community Development Corp. His father, Bernard Green, lives in Ferndale, Mich.

Their story: Mutual friends introduced Ashe and Jacob in Washington in January 2006. At the time, both were dating other people, but they acknowledge that there was an "immediate attraction."


Later, on their first date at an all-night diner, they exchanged business cards. Ashe still has Jacob's card.

"I was smitten from the start," Ashe said.

Even though Ashe was living in Knoxville, Tenn., finishing up his degree, the two remained in touch and talked almost daily while Ashe was in his truck traveling home from school. In January 2007, they met up in Washington.

"It was unseasonably warm and Jacob received some bad news, so I encouraged him to walk with me to one of the circles to get some ice cream at Ben & Jerry's," Ashe said.

The next month, the two officially began dating.

"I would take monthly trips to visit Ashe and his friends, and he would visit me whenever he could," Jacob said.

After Ashe was laid off from his newspaper job in Tennessee, he moved to Baltimore in February 2009. But before the move, the two traveled to Argentina for vacation.

"Our favorite spot was this small bed-and-breakfast in San Carlos de Bariloche, Los Juncos Lake House," Jacob said. "We absolutely fell in love with the place and the staff. I knew we would be back there one day."


The two live in Reservoir Hill with their dog and two cats.

The proposal: Jacob popped the question on a trip to New York City in August 2013.

"We were just walking around New York City getting lost," Ashe said. "We picked up some ice cream, and Jacob said we should sit and enjoy it together."

Jacob told Ashe how much he meant to him and how the past years have been the best of his life.

"While I didn't say, 'Will you marry me,' Ashe knew that this was my proposal to him," Jacob said. "It was quick and easy and exactly our shared style. I knew that we would spend the rest of our lives together."

Venue: The couple knew where they wanted to get married: the Los Juncos Lake House in San Carlos de Bariloche.


"We were not really going for the idea of a destination wedding. We just wanted to be in a place that meant a lot to us," Jacob said.

The international location made the trip difficult for all friends and family to attend. So the couple were joined by six friends in Argentina.

Jacob said the Los Juncos staff made them feel at home.

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"From the slow-cooked beef on an open flame to preparing our favorite chocolate salted caramel pie using the recipe from the local Baltimore restaurant Bottega, the wedding was everything you could ask for," he said. "It was a small, intimate summer garden affair, overlooking the clear blue lakes of Patagonia in the Andes, with friends, great food and free-flowing local wine."

Ashe agreed: "They did so much for us. They cut fresh flowers from the mountainside. The food was immaculate. They made it special for us."

The couple's close friend James Williams officiated the ceremony.


Attire: Both Ashe and Jacob had custom-tailored, mocha-colored suits from Indochino. Jacob wore a three-piece suit without a tie and a pocket square he received at Ashe's sister's wedding. Ashe opted for a two-piece suit with a bow tie and suspenders.

Food and dessert: Food was prepared by Los Juncos' head chef, Gaby Dino Sagrado. Before the ceremony, appetizers included lamb empanadas, smoked salmon in a mustard sauce and sparkling wine. Dinner consisted of steak, salad, fresh-baked bread, mixed vegetables and a bevy of Argentine wines.

"What stands out for me isn't the meal, it was the amazing background, the friends that traveled so far for us, and the staff that truly made the ceremony a success," Jacob said.

Special touches: Ashe's mother bought him a portable Bose Bluetooth sound system for Christmas, and it provided all of the music for the ceremony, the dinner and the bonfire. The couple plan to have a larger ceremony this October in Druid Hill Park for the friends and family who were unable to make it to Argentina.